About us

We found the Chinese herbs?

Take a look at the American health care system. Each year, trillions of dollars are spent on improving people's health situation and the number is on the increase year by year. However, they are not healthier. Western medicine, based on the science of anatomy, treats people by fixing the individual parts of the body. However, human being is not a machine or a sum of parts. A healthy human being should not be one that just physically running with no problem, but also a being that is mentally peaceful, psychologically capable, and socially harmonious. This is what Chinese health philosophy is all about and striving to achieve through its various ways of holistic health. 

We firmly believe in Chinese health, we understand that people are not happy about their health and do not know what to do. That was when he decided to introduce Oriental medicine and regimen to the western society. The Chineseherbs.com philosophy and our mission is to let western culture also benefit from the history-rich oriental health ideology. The founder of this website, Mr. Jason Wang, had a radio health program years ago when he saw so manperates with professional Chinese medicine practitioners both in China and USA, determined to provide the best information, services and products.

 What does Chinese herbs Do?

Chinese health philosophy has been fascinating to millions of people in the west. However, not enough has been done for people to really understand what it is and how to practice.

  • Chineseherbs.com is firstly an educational site guiding people to easily readable, authoritative, and reliable information sources, aiming to improve health situation by empowering consumers with true knowledge of Chinese health ideology.
  • Secondly, Chineseherbs.com is a health service provider, making efforts to integrate the knowledge with do-able practice such as "personal regimen assistant", "online consultation", "regimen community", etc. where people can actually benefit from the knowledge and share experience.
  • Thirdly, Chineseherbs.com has brought the highest quality, all-natural herbs to reach the full health potential available from traditional Chinese formulas. At Chineseherbs.com, every herbal product is ensured to meet the safety expectations of our customers and the standard of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).