Benefits Of Taijiquan

Although Taijiquan is not an official part of the traditional medical system of China as taught in modern Chinese universities, it is often recommended and sometimes prescribed for certain ailments. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consists of techniques that promote homeostasis or "balance" of the body's energies. Taijiquan definitely fits this description and is used as a method of maintaining homeostasis and/or helping the body return to homeostasis after a specific disease or illness. Although Chinese surveys and studies show significant benefits from the practice of Taijiquan, most Western physicians dismiss the results as placebo effect. In recent years however, Western scientists have begun to look closer because of overwhelming anecdotal evidence and positive results from other studies on the benefit of low-impact and low-intensity exercise.

Large-scale scientific studies in the West have proven the benefits of Taijiquan as it relates to the prevention of falls in the elderly population, and many other studies have been proposed.