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Dear friend,

If you want to understand the significance of Diabenit™ on diabetes and diabetic complications, first of all, we need to identify the causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. As early as two thousand years ago, the Chinese had discovered that the excessive intake of meat coupled with the lack of grain intake can change the quality of blood; unhealthy blood damages blood capillaries and this eventually leads to a “high consumption state”, e.g. diabetes. Today, this opinion is widely accepted. In fact, this has changed the knowledge of diabetes and diabetes treatment principles. When grain enters the mouth, it causes amylase secretion, and the relevant digestive glands to work, producing proportionately different digestive enzymes. The specific proportion of digestive enzymes will determine the basic ratio of nutrient absorption and determine the way the nutrient is utilized after it enters the blood stream. Similarly, when meat enters the mouth, it will lead to another set of physiological effects. Some humans are not well suited to the physiological motion with lack of grain, which ultimately leads to diabetes. Once diabetes occurs, the patient will become fond of grains and sweets; this is because taking grains can slow down further damage caused by insufficient consumption of grain. However, if you want to repair the damage already caused by micro vascular disease you must rapidly correct the physiological reactions and enzyme set in motion proportions created after eating.

You need to adjust your metabolic function with a specialized nutritional intervention. Diabenit™ has been specially formulated to perform this function and help your body change its metabolic response. When coupled with a healthy diet made up of at least 60% of grains Diabenit™ may then help train human metabolism and in turn generate more healthy blood, and finally help your own body repair the damage inflicted by micro vascular disease. The biggest threat to diabetics is diabetic complications. These include cardiovascular disease, eye disease, kidney disease, diabetic foot and other vascular anomalies. The metabolic cascade triggered by Diabenit™ include a series of special physiological activities which have an special effect on diabetic complications, just like doing sports can enhance body strength. A newspaper article (which has been widely reprinted) reports the rehabilitation process of a patient named Pang Liwen, who suffered from type 1 diabetes for more than 10 years. Through treatment by our nutritional intervention, the patient was reported to be restored from retinopathy in 3 months, and was able to stop the use of insulin in nine months; thereafter, her blood sugar stayed normal and stable. After recovering from diabetes, Pang Liwen has grown up healthily and is reported by China Youth Network as an outstanding youth. In another example: Sun Guixin, a retired music teacher from No. 30 Harbin Secondary School, suffered from diabetes combined with cardiovascular disease, eye disease and kidney disease, long-term high blood cholesterol, high blood sugar and blindness in both eyes; she could not take care of herself. Through a nutritional intervention with Diabenit™ for one year, all biochemical blood tests became normal; her eye sight was recovered. This effect was reported by Guangming Daily (News Publication). Various unexpected factors can increase the severity of diabetes, such as infection, low caloric intake, convulsions, anxiety, and unknown reasons. These causes of disease must be identified and dealt with quickly. When necessary, they may require specific medical treatment. Patients diagnosed with diabetes must remain under medical supervision. Diabenit™ is not a substitute for medications in treatment of the disease, and the role of Diabenit™ cannot be duplicated or replaced by any medication either. If you wish to learn more about my diabetes treatment technology, you can read my book - "Taming Blood Sugar". In this book, you can read about results of my nutritional intervention technology which led to the creation of Diabenit™; you can also learn, it in the report by PR Newswire, the technical characteristics of nutritional interventions. I hope the advent of Diabenit™ will enrich the methods available for the treatment of diabetes. I also hope my experience can help you defeat diabetes. I wish you good health! "

Sincerely, Dr. Nie