“I read the book from Dr. Nie, and decided to start his NIT diet, I weighed myself on the scale with a scale that tells my body fat percentage. My percentage of body fat was 30.2% before I went and my weight was 196.

After increasing my wholegrain intake and taking Diabenit tabs 3 times a day for 2 weeks, when I got back I measured myself and found that, while my weight dropped to 190, my body fat percentage had dropped to 20%! We are continuing to eat and live healthier than I ever have . . . my blood sugar is more stable at 120, Though my wife cooks a little more, she has more energy too due to the improvement in our diet.

We’re both excited about staying on the new lifestyle and ready to start some more active lives including exercises, as far as losing weight and improving our metabolism, I recommend “Dr. Nie nutritional intervention therapy and Diabenit “ to anyone with a metabolic decline symptoms.

- Daniel, Graphic Designer – Palm Beach, Fl

“I was overweight, obese really (209 pounds). My cholesterol was over 280, my blood pressure was over 182, and my blood sugar surpassed 140 most mornings and after meals was often above 230. The most of the time I was exhausted, with no energy, couldn't sleep well at night.

I heard about Diabenit from a friend and immediately began changing my way of life. Within three weeks the transformation in my body was simply incredible. My sugar was normal without medication, I had energy which I haven’t had in years, my blood pressure was normal and all of this after my doctor had taken me, over the days, off all my medication. I've lost 35 pounds and my cholesterol is down to 186 with a risk ratio of 4.3. My nutritional behavior with a diet based on wholegrain, more green vegetables and less red meat, and the Diabenit supplement 2 tablets before every meal (3 times a day) did the work.

- Robert, School bus driver, Los Angeles, CA

“I am diabetic for the last 35 years, and I used to walk with the help of a stroller, problems in my eyes, and tacking Insulin 3 times a day, a week before I walk by a Natural Supplements Store my eyes were so bad I had not been able for many weeks to read a book even with my glasses. I was taking two different kinds of insulin and was on several oral medications. Then a friendly salesman, told me about Dr. Nie Nutritional Intervention Therapy, and gave me some samples of Dr Nie supplement named Diabenit and the guidelines of his nutritional behavior recommendations based in more grains to include in my diet and some to reduce, after 15 days I notice some improvement on my energy, walking and sight, then I decided to buy the product and continue to take it with discipline, oh surprise next time I was by the store I said to the salesman your product is good I reduce my insulin to once a day after all of these years, and I fill better I don’t need the stroller to walk anymore.

- Jorge Santos, Pembroke Pines, Florida

“Since taking Diabenit my sugar levels have gone from 180-220 to 114-140. My energy levels all day are up and I have been feeling great!”

Deb, Cohoes, NY


“I've been on StayFit for almost two months and let me tell you how great I've been feeling. I’m a hard sell on a lot of products that say they will help change your health. I’m disabled and have a lot of health issues, Since taking StayFit I have had a lot more energy. My digestive system has gotten better and some of the symptoms from some of the medications I’m on have diminished.”

-Joe, Cohoes, NY

“Within two weeks of taking StayFit my years of struggle with constipation have ended.”

—Jim, Delmar, NY

“I stopped taking multivitamins sold on the market because I was sick of spending the money without seeing or feeling any results. When I started taking StayFit I felt differences in the first week.”

—Tash, Albany, NY

“I am able to get out of bed more easily in the morning.”

-Dan, Delmar, NY