Taijiquan In The USA

In the United States, both the West coast and the East coast communities have strong followings of Taijiquan players. While many Americans learn from non-Asian teachers, the strongholds of the art still reside in large metropolitan areas where the Chinese immigrants are plentiful. Up until the 1970s, the major style in the United States was a modified Yang style taught by Professor Chen ManCheng, who immigrated to New York City from Taiwan.

In the past 30 years, the "opening" of China has brought the five major styles of main land China to Americans, and has moved Taijiquan from the Kung Fu studios to health gyms, community colleges, retirement homes, and even hospitals.

One can even find brief performances of Taijiquan in many American movies and TV commercials. A majority of Americans have heard the term "Tai Chi", and know that it is an exercise that "old" people in China do each morning. It is unfortunate that many will never know its many benefits and its long and colorful history.